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11th July 2013

The planning application by Scottish Enterprise was heard today at the Motherwell Civic Centre by the Planning and Transportation Committee of North Lanarkshire Council. (Planning Application 12/00590/PPP).

While there were 732 objections to the application after hearing from the proposers and objectors the motion for the application to be granted was approved by local councillor .......and seconded by councillor .........

Your local elected councillor Alan Masterton (SNP) objected to the application and gave reasons why the 732 objectors were justified with their concerns first hand about the application being granted with major points like the increased road congestion, school overcrowding, healthcare provisions, and the threat to sewage and rainwater infrastructure to name just a few of the items.

Councillor Bob Chadha (Labour) shocked the public gallery by stating that he had spoken to some residents who looked forward to the development and he proceeded to tell the committee that he "welcomed the application" and stated "he motioned it be granted".

What happens now is that Scottish Enterprise will market the site with outline planning to developers and once sold specific planning applications will be brought before the committee for approval.

732 objectors have been overlooked by some of their elected representatives and today marks a new beginning for the extended residents of Dullatur and the local area.



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